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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Cambria-Wilson Road, GVE Inc. to Roslea Funding, $27,005.


• Johnsons Creek Road, Gary V. Ward; Laurie A. Newton; Linda J. Laskey to Emily J. Tulowitzki, $67,021.

• Hartland Road, Jeffrey Folckemer Jr. to Svetlana Kornienko, $30,000.


• Forest Road, Michael D. Schiff to David Hurtsfield-Meyer; Tracey Michel, $480,500.

• Riverwalk Drive, Justin D. Jacobs; Laura E. Jacobs to Sayed Olomi, $209,000.

• Creek Road, Patrick Nowak; Marlene E. Nowak to Diane Carmichael; Donald Cleveland, $182,000.

• Calkins Road, Roberta P. Brown to Justin C. Vandusen; Angela M. Mameli, $140,250.

• Porter Center Road, Anthony J. Deluke; David L. Deluke to Richard J. Pozak, $133,500.

• Oneida St., Valentine Eugene Sieczka to Eva B. Nicklas, $100,000.

• Tuscarora Road, Joelle Gabrielli-Buccarelli to Steven Gabrielli, $75,000.

LOCKPORT Highest price: $185,000 Average price: $100,278 Median price: $75,000 Number of Sales: 9

• Garden St. & Market St., Larry W. Patrick; Lisa G. Patrick to Gerald Lavelle; Alicia Marie Lavelle, $185,000.

• Niagara St., Michael L. George; Patricia A. George to Brandi Edmister; Waylon W. Edmister, $185,000.

• Roby St., Waylon W. Edmister; Brandi J.B. Edmister to Andrew L. Shull; Jenna O. Shull, $128,500.

• Hi-Point Drive, Dolores B. Dubaj to Donna L. Haley, $114,000.

• Webb St., Charles V. Weinheimer; James R. Weinheimer to Anita Dunnigan; Kevin S. Dunnigan, $75,000.

• South Transit St., Lacey E. Pines; Phillip A. Pines to Alex D. Bruchhauser; Karissa N. Bruchhauser, $65,000.

• 110 High St., Judy A. Esposito; Stephen J. Esposito to Teddy L. Ackley Jr., $60,000.

• L39 Juniper St., Deborah A. Weyers to Michael T. Florio, $55,000.

• Walnut St., Binh Ly to Omalis Berrios, $35,000.


• Lockhaven Estates Condo, Unit 13, Janice E. Beales; Carolyn P. Rankin to Joan K. Mcnamara, $250,000.

• 4319 Sunset Drive, Fakhra Ahmed to Gregory J. Birke; Pamela S. Birke, $198,900.

• Heritage Point North, Charles P. Herberger; Stephanie D. Marando; Stephanie D. Herberger to Courtney Domowicz; Faith M. Domowicz, $185,000.

• Tonawanda Creek Road, Laura A. Wirth to William J. Coniglio III, $126,000.

• 6194 Old Beattie Road, Faith Marie Domowicz to Melissa Awald; Timothy J. Awald, $97,000.

• Slayton Settlement Road, Anthony J. Bucolo to Niagara Cooler Inc., $9,000.


• 5716 West Bluff, Eleanor B. Malczynski to Frances R. Meierer; Dennis J. Meierer, $192,500.

• Wallace Ave., Francis M. Kendzierski; Sheila L. Kendzierski to Jennifer L. Chandler, $102,820.

• McKee Road, Mary K. Sonberg; Richard W. Sonberg to Sarah E. Molinaro, $70,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $225,000 Average price: $70,299 Median price: $57,000 Number of Sales: 22

• College Ave., Robert D. Wisbaum; Lucille M. Wisbaum to Vincent T. Bianco; Cynthia A. Bianco, $225,000.

• Hennepin Ave., John N. Gregg; Terri A. Gregg to Kevin W. Burgess; Anne E. Petrozzi, $175,000.

• St. John St., Nasreen N. Akhtar to Scott C. Warme, $143,500.

• McKoon Ave., Arthur Gates; Janice Gates to US Bank, $117,014.

• Richmond Ave., Mary Loconte to Annette L. Passanese, $116,000.

• 1406 101st St., Mary Louise Pallaci; Theresa A. Chirumblo to Barry J. McAlee; Karen R. McAlee, $85,000.

• Elsa Place, Michelle L. Laufer; Michelle L. Hastings to Mary B. Bondi, $85,000.

• 99th St., Kristin M. Brennan; Sharon G. Brennan to Louis Distefano, $84,000.

• 96th St., Deborah Curyto; Thomas B. Curyto to Gerald Hansen, $66,500.

• McKoon Ave., Karen R. McAlee; Karen R. Capell to Lorreen E. Rosado, $65,000.

• 584 79th St., Patricia E. Meyer; Patricia E. Hewitt to Robert J. Garven, $64,000.

• New Jersey Ave., Kenneth W. Zortman to James E. Hutcheson, $50,000.

• Rhode Island Ave. & Pretoria St. & Dequesne St., Robert A. Clark; Kristin K. Clark to Chyleen J. Domon, $50,000.

• 2216 Falls St., Lisa Marie Grucza; John Grucza to Christopher D. Kinsley, $39,000.

• 1347 Norwood Ave., Household Finance Realty Corp. of New York to Central Development Group Inc., $38,500.

• 1339 Lasalle Ave., Kevlola Llc to Bat Sheva Ilany, $33,500.

• 447 7th St., KC Erie Niagara Properties to Moran Cohen Llc, $27,000.

• Laughlin Drive, John William Lachance; John W. Lachance; Donna L. Lachance to John H. Caputo, $26,000.

• 18th St., Edward J. Degenhardt to KC Buffalo Enterprises, $20,000.

• 474 22nd St., State of New York Mortgage Agency to Wing Properties, $20,000.

• 219 77th St., City of Niagara Falls to City of Niagara Falls, $10,571.

• Center Ave., King James Pillar Society Inc. to Donna L. Harris, $6,000.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $230,000 Average price: $128,426 Median price: $133,250 Number of Sales: 14

• Dimatteo Drive, Brian R. Finn; Sue A. Finn to Jason C. Holler; Jamie L. Holler, $230,000.

• Thomas Fox Drive West, Bart A. Dangelo; Susan L. Dangelo to Michael Grochala; Rebecca Grochala, $199,900.

• Daigler Drive, MCW Construction Inc. to Barbara L. Boccaccio, $169,900.

• Roberts Drive & Goundry St., Rosemarie E. Manno; Ned C. Manno to Nathan D. Cudzilo, $160,000.

• Witmer Road & Warner Ave., Debra D. Scherrer to Mala Properties, $160,000.

• 276 Stenzil St., Carl A. Weber to Bronze Creek Title Trust, $138,663.

• Stenzil St., Diane Coughlin; William J. Coughlin to Michelle Lyn Csepegi; Wesley N. Herman, $136,000.

• Bennett St., Leann M. Hartinger to Dana M. Trimper, $130,500.

• Tremont St., Susan R. Zobrist; Michael S. Zobrist to NT Port I Llc, $125,000.

• Zimmerman St., Deborah J. Baker; Anthony J. Baker III to Melissa Ayler, $90,000.

• North Ave., Charles A. Clark; Judith A. Tyler; Bruce W. Clark to Marilyn Floyd, $83,500.

• Wheatfield St. & Oliver St., Susan L. Jones; Richard E. Jones to Jing Lin, $75,000.

• Wallace Ave., Janet G. Rowles; Nathan E. Rowles to Stephen F. Sass Jr., $58,500.

• 8th Ave., Jeffrey A. Dickinson; Susan E. Dickinson to Robert A. Zynda, $41,000.


• Cloverleaf Lane, Campbell Pendleton Llc to Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc., $55,620.

• Transit Road, D&J of Western New York; Column Development Inc. to Fred J. Hanania, $45,000.


• Oak St., Terrence P. Grace; Laurie A. Grace to Sonora Verde Llc, $178,000.

• Cherry St., Crestview Property Holdings to Gregory R. Zilliox, $134,900.

• Cain Road, Joseph Weynerowski to Kevin J. Jeffords, $22,000.

• 1898 Youngstown-Lockport Road, Charles J. Lewis; Daniel C. Lewis to Nicholas Halliday, $12,000.


• Royalton Center Road, Michael D. Stawisuck; Jospeh M. Stawisuck to Jason Jolley; Patricia Ketch, $100,000.

• State St., Marilyn Floyd to Brandon W. Mackey; Angelica M. Hangartner, $78,970.


• 1151 Hartland Road, Laurie A. Aris to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $109,454.

• Somerset Drive, Katherine M. Garlock; Richard A. Garlock to Joann Torchia; William R. Torchia, $55,000.

WHEATFIELD Highest price: $666,000 Average price: $292,250 Median price: $224,800 Number of Sales: 8

• 2843 Niagera Falls Blvd., Kevin W. Guenther to Islamic Cultural Center of Niagara Falls Inc., $666,000.

• Hird St. & River Road, Terry L. Bennett; Deborah A. Bennett to Amir I. Hassan; Kathleen M. Hassan, $475,000.

• Joshua Lane, Marjorie Shaffer; William Shaffer to Janet L. Mantell; Frank S. Mantell, $298,500.

• 2724 Thornwoods Drive, Jennifer L. Murphy; Jennifer L. Mannex; William W. Murphy to Shelle D. Heaton, $249,900.

• Creek View Court/Alder Creek Condo, Rosal Construction Co. Inc. to Thomas E. Gleason; Diane E. Gleason, $199,700.

• Dimatteo Court, Victor J. Montalbo; Susan C. Montalbo to Linda M. Holycross; Thomas M. Holycross Jr., $189,900.

• 6935 Maple Drive, John C. Hughes; Tina L. Hughes to James M. Sawma, $155,000.

• 2284 Lancelot Drive, Thomas Colangelo to Fannie Mae, $104,000.


• 608 Lake St., North Track Co. to Boatyard Marina Inc., $216,000.

• 315 & 315R Bay St., Ronald G. Hacker to Christopher M. Scrufari; Sandra L. Scrufari, $138,500.