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Letter: Recreation path enhances Ohio Street neighborhood

Recreation path enhances Ohio Street neighborhood

Carl Paladino’s comments regarding bike traffic on Ohio Street should be a red alert to city planners that his vision for development of the area is out of sync with that of the people. He criticizes the uncompleted bike path saying, “If you want to ride a bike, do it on the sidewalk.”

Perhaps he should know that the only bicycles that can legally ride on sidewalks are bikes designed for preteen use. Amazingly, he does not see that a proper 12-foot wide recreation path marked for two-way bike traffic (including roller bladers and skateboarders) and a safe lane for dog walkers, pedestrians and stroller traffic is going to enhance the desirability of his proposed apartment buildings.

Such a recreational resource brings an area to life. He will be surprised to know that his apartment renters will enjoy being connected to the nine miles of Outer Harbor paths – biking or jogging to Tifft Farm, Gallagher Pier, Times Beach, the lighthouse, Canalside, the Naval Park and Erie Basin Marina. Or that folks will come, human-powered, from the Outer and Inner Harbors to enjoy the concerts at River Fest Park on Ohio Street.

It is positively frightening that such a key player in the development of the area does not appreciate the importance of doing the Inner-Outer Harbor link correctly as a full public access recreational system, one that takes advantage of Buffalo’s unique geographic assets.

Jerry Hanley