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Letter: Many people have no idea what police face on streets

Many people have no idea what police face on streets

If a police officer is suspended for what I saw on television, please tell me why the nightstick is even issued. The use of a baton has been a traditional way of stopping minor crimes or conflicts, sending away whoever was involved with a warning, and not clogging up the courts with trivial arrests.

Maybe too many people in powerful positions today have grown up in peaceful suburbs and have no idea how physical life is on the streets. If a couple of whacks on the legs breaking up a fight constitutes police brutality, how do they keep some form of peace every weekend on Chippewa Street?

I have nothing to do with law enforcement but if I were a cop today, I might think about losing my job or even going to jail before taking any aggressive action toward a criminal. The biggest losers in this trend against police will be the communities with higher crime rates. Their future might not look like “Escape from New York,” where the criminals take over, but it will probably come close.

What might help, especially if all police were to wear cameras, might be to vigorously prosecute assault charges against anyone who even touches an officer.

Dominic J. Verso