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And visions of politics danced through their heads

’Twas the week before Christmas, and

all through the state

Not a Republican was stirring;

Dem victories their fate.

For Cuomo had won, and dispatched

them with ease

Astorino it seems, proved only a tease.

It was just a pipe dream, for Chairman

Ed Cox

To beat Andrew Cuomo, that sly old Dem


Even though Trump, vowed to spend all his dough

Cox tapped Astorino, and voters said no.

Bob Duffy returns, to where he was mayor

Now Hochul takes over, his Albany lair.

The governor will learn, she is a firecracker,

But job number one, is to be his main backer.

When over in Albany, there rose such a clatter

They now claim the Senate; Republicans still matter!

The Senate remains, despite Panepinto and Stocker

But to think they’ll win more, means you’re off your rocker.

In Buffalo the Dems, counted on Senator Tim,

Though against Betty Jean, his chances looked slim.

But Kennedy came through, with a win over Grant,

And now new opponents, will just say, “I can’t.”

Now Faso! Now Carl! Now Astorino! It’s wacky

A Republican governor? Not since Pataki!

On Hillary! On Jeb! On Rubio and Warren,

2016’s far off, but they’re already roarin’.

Soon in ’15, our own Hillary will announce

All other Dems, she’s waiting to trounce.

She’s still a New Yorker, who lives down in Chappaqua

But we’re not so sure, she could ever say Scajaquada.

Last week John Ellis Bush, threw his hat in the ring

The third Bush to run – does he want to be king?

His mom once proclaimed: We’ve had enough Bushes,

But she’s rallied her clan, they’re all off their tushes.

But before we all get too carried away,

Remember Mark Poloncarz must now have his say.

He wants to remain on the Rath Building top floor,

While Jacobs or Mychajliw plan to show him the door.

Now Zellner! Now Langworthy! Now Lorigo, the bosses

They’re pulling the strings, to inflict rival losses.

On Poloncarz! On Stefan! On Wozniak, too!

In the eyes of their chairmen, their faults are so few.

’Cuz politics around here is not for the queasy

It’s rough and it’s tough, and certainly not easy.

But there’s never a lack for the Politics Column,

We try every week for news that will wow ’em.

So let’s wrap this up; this poem’s not so nifty,

We’ve got some real nerve, to charge you two-fifty.

But we thank you again for the news source you choose,

And wish Happy Christmas to all, from The Buffalo News.