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Letter: Teachers are the key to improving schools

Teachers are the key to improving schools

In virtually all of the reports, opinions and editorials that expound upon the Buffalo School District, a strangely unrealistic silence hovers over the question of what role any pundits foresee for the professionals who actually determine the outcomes of their students’ efforts. It is as if the massive cumulative errors of previous administrations, urban leaders, control boards and school boards have magically earned a pass in terms of accountability, and that our highly educated teachers are readily accepted as the universal scapegoats within the community, blamed for all problems large and small, as they struggle to educate our impoverished inner-city youths.

Equally amazing is the fact that anyone, but particularly The News editors, could seriously argue that a small-time local developer can solve the Buffalo Public Schools’ problems by voting himself opportunities to extract a minimum of a 10 percent profit on his “silver-bullet” solution of charter schools. The last thing the system needs is to have its scarce dollars being removed from the classroom and directed into the pocket of a private businessman.

There is hope for Buffalo’s present and future students and that hope lies with its teachers. We all can recall the important impact past teachers have had on our lives. Such influences are the result of the efforts of experienced professionals. Let’s end the simplistic attacks on our dedicated teachers and initiate an authentic spirit of cooperation between school officials and community leaders with those who actually know how to improve our schools – the teachers.

Alphonse Kolodziejczak