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Letter: Protecting unborn babies is No. 1 social justice issue

Protecting unborn babies is No. 1 social justice issue

A recent letter stating that Bishop Richard Malone must look at the big picture when voting is reminiscent of the Pharisees and Sadducees mentioned in the New Testament. They, too, were blinded and could not see issues clearly.

We, like the writer, are also practicing Catholics. She should have known that war, food stamps, housing, health insurance, gun laws and climate change legislation are issues in which Catholics can disagree. She also should have known that the Catholic Church has always stated that abortion is an intrinsic evil. It does not state this about the above issues listed by the writer.

If you picture the tree of life, the trunk is life itself and the branches are all of the social justice issues associated with it. If one of the branches is cut, the tree still lives. If the trunk (or life) is cut, the tree dies.

Without life, there are no social justice issues to deal with and without pro-life legislators, we land up with the Health and Human Services mandate breathing down our necks and more than 55 million children aborted since Roe v. Wade. This is today’s No. 1 social justice issue.

We can agree to disagree about social justice issues and their relevance in our society. We cannot disagree as Catholics, however, about life and the protection of the unborn. So what are our bishop and other Catholics doing to help mothers, fathers, babies, children, the elderly, the poor, the sick and the unemployed? They provide the largest charitable organization in the world to help all those in need.

We applaud Malone for being crystal clear on how we should put our faith into practice at the voting booth!

Bob and Barb Musilli