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Letter: Jetter’s punishment is much too lenient

Jetter’s punishment is much too lenient

Judge Thomas Franczyk’s sentencing of Richard Jetter, the former Hamburg School superintendent, is a travesty of justice. Calling the penalty a slap on the wrist would be an injustice to anyone who has ever actually been slapped on his wrist. During his tenure as superintendent, Jetter constantly berated, bullied and belittled the staff at the Hamburg School District. His reign of terror in Hamburg is thankfully over. I do not understand how a school superintendent who was caught filing a false police report and stealing $513 in reimbursement costs can receive such a light sentence. The one-year conditional discharge, 250 hours of community service and a $1,000 fine are outrageous. I have known people with traffic infractions to get more severe punishment.

I wonder if Jetter will be able to pay the $1,000 fine after walking away from the district with six months of pay ($82,000) and unused vacation time ($20,490). The $102,490 walk-away money he received (not including his district-paid health insurance costs) was a slap in the face to every taxpayer in the district. As bad as this was, it pales in comparison to a $1,000 fine for his crimes. Whomever coined the phrase “crime does not pay” has not met Jetter nor witnessed the events in Franczyk’s court.

M. Scott Chismar

Lake View