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Letter: Cuomo viewed storm as another photo op

Cuomo viewed storm as another photo op

Wasn’t it just heartwarming that our esteemed Gov. Andrew Cuomo could come to Buffalo to oversee snow removal and to tell us, the residents of the Lake Erie Snow Belt region, how to survive the storm? Perhaps if Cuomo had driven down the Thruway in a front-end loader or in one of the state’s massive snowplows, his being here might have been appreciated.

Instead, what did Cuomo give us? Another one of his photo ops. Will this be part of his 2016 run-up to the presidential election? What is really a shame is that while Cuomo was grandstanding, two people died in their vehicles because no one could come to their rescue. Cuomo should go back to New York City. I hear some residents whose lives were turned upside down by Hurricane Sandy are still waiting for help.

Harvey Schwartzmeyer

North Collins