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Letters for Nov. 30

Is it time for Bills to shift divisions?

After Monday night’s turnout by Bills Nation in Detroit, it proves again they will travel to see the team play. Now is the time for the Bills to seek a move to the AFC North.

Natural rivalries are there for the taking, Cleveland and Pittsburgh are easy day trips. The hated rivalry against Miami isn’t what it used to be.

I feel the Jets and Patriots would pale in comparison to the rivalries that would be almost instant against the Browns, Steelers, and even Bengals. I think the Baltimore Ravens would welcome the move to the AFC East. Why? A natural baseball rivalry already exists between Baltimore, Boston and New York, and I think an instant football one would follow.

John J. Rauh


Hopefully Bills’ rout is just a start

The Bills, who weathered the storm in Buffalo, put a deep freeze on the Jets. Buffalo thawed out just in time to put a major heat wave of emotion against New York. Hopefully the Bills can create a blizzard effect when they play Cleveland on Sunday.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

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