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Letter: Price gouging on utilities and gas is bigger problem

Price gouging on utilities and gas is bigger problem

Big deal. During the storm, a few folks overcharged for goods and services. The first report of milk selling for $5 a gallon has now been hyped to $10. I wonder how that happened, and also why all the alleged victims of unscrupulous plow jockeys are 80-year-old ladies? While I don’t condone these practices, I imagine they are rare and grossly exaggerated.

Are we supposed to be impressed by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s threats to take immediate aggressive action against the “fraudsters?” Should we stand in ovation to The News for praising his “get-tough” approach?

I do thank The News for listing Schneiderman’s number so we can easily report instances of price gouging (800-771-7755). I suggest that all Western New York residents use the opportunity to call Schneiderman to let him know that we are positively infuriated with the excessive price of gasoline and totally fed up with the high cost of utilities that we endure here on a daily basis, year after year. Maybe when all those who misbehaved during the storm are safely behind bars, he’ll find some time to “get tough” about that reprehensible rip-off.

Michael J. Zobel