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Letter: Logic missing in piece supporting fossil fuels

Logic missing in piece supporting fossil fuels

I’m still shaking my head after reading Alan Epstein’s Another Voice column on Nov. 21. He states, “Fossil fuels are morally praiseworthy and our lives would be better if we ramp up their use.” He further indicates that fossil fuel usage “correlates with every positive metric of human well-being.”

That is some very acrobatic use of poor logic, and he is drawing a ridiculously insupportable conclusion. Because our lives have improved since the dinosaur era, it must be because we have been using fossil fuels? Moreover, how did his “research” miss two disastrous world wars, plagues, nuclear North Korea, DDT, smog and so on?

Perhaps he needs to spend a few days in Beijing. I did. The air is nearly chewable. Ask the folks living around Tonawanda Coke how wonderful the breeze is as a result of our use of fossil fuels. Talk to a parent whose child has asthma due to the increased air pollution. Or the local sportsmen who can’t eat the fish they catch in the Great Lakes.

It is no wonder Epstein is the sitting president of the Center of Industrial Progress. He is supported by the same big-oil, big-agriculture, megacorporate juggernaut that is funding many government representatives in the slow process of poisoning us.

Epstein is willing to write off the futures of his children and grandchildren. He just can’t use his dance semantics to justify destroying the world for the rest of us.

Joseph N. Weiss, Ph.D.