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Nov. 27, 1999: Pignataro accused of serving arsenic-laced soup

Cosmetic surgeon Anthony Pignataro served time in prison following the death of a patient in a botched operation.  Two years later, and without explanation, he admitted to feeding his wife and children arsenic-laced soup.

Pignataro was sentenced to up to 15 years in prison in 2001 for attempted assault in the poisoning, but in 2009, he tried to offer a new defense in the case, saying his wife was poisoning herself.

Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita, who was the courtroom prosecutor in both Pignataro trials, called the doctor “the most narcissistic human being I have ever encountered, and a sociopath."

"Soup tied to arsenic in Pignataro case"

"Authorities believe an arsenic-laced bowl of soup may have been one of the agents used to poison Deborah Pignataro, whose estranged husband has been identified as the prime suspect in the case.

"The soup, which was served to Pignataro at her West Seneca home last summer, had a 'metallic taste' and caused her young daughter to become ill almost immediately after tasting it, law enforcement officials said Friday."

27 nov 1999 pignataro soup

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