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Letter: Action needed to prevent sewage backups in Lancaster

Action needed to prevent sewage backups in Lancaster

As a Town of Lancaster resident for 12 years, I have become accustomed to the exciting springtime thaw or heavy rainfall event that few would expect in the relatively new subdivision of Walden Traceway.

Raw sewage backs up from the sewer lines into the stationary tubs in our homes on Trentwood Trail. Heaven forbid you forget to close your gate valve, if you have one in your basement. Oh, I forgot to mention that all of this happens in the front yard of the Erie County Sewer Authority station on Walden Avenue. It has a litany of excuses, most legitimate, to explain why this is happening. We all know why it is happening – we just don’t know why nothing is ever done about it other than placement of a “Road Flooded” sign.

During the last episode that occurred when the great snow became the great melt, my 10-year-old son made an interesting comment observing this unsanitary issue: “This isn’t supposed to be happening in a developed country like America.” I explained to him how correct he was and that all of my complaints to Lancaster and the Erie County Sewer Authority either result in one blaming the other or the silence of non-response from the town supervisor’s office. I have never received a coordinated response of cooperation from either the municipality or the agency.

I understand that this most recent snow event has handicapped many neighborhoods and families more than my own. My problems are small potatoes compared to the tragedies experienced by many. But who wants to be on constant alert that human waste could be coming into his home at any time? Like clockwork, it happened again and will continue until someone addresses the problem with a solution other than: “Don’t use the plumbing in your house.”

John Walker