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Letter: Daylong news coverage provided little of value

Daylong news coverage provided little of value

I am a recent retiree now living in Western New York. I feel compelled to write about a situation that astounded me. I have also lived on the New Jersey shore, so between there and New York City, I endured everything from 9/11 to Hurricane Sandy.

In light of the recent lake-effect snowstorm – miserable that it was – I noticed two of the local television news stations providing essentially around-the-clock coverage, disrupting numerous shows that viewers enjoy watching, including “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy,” which provide entertainment for many. As indicative of this, both shows have been on the air for approximately 30 years.

I blame the station managers for this lack of good judgment, overkill with a news story and the complete lack of balance, common sense and a certain sophistication. The entire snow story was simply a regurgitation of the same facts being repeated over and over ad nauseam. No one denies or denigrates the severity of the storm. However, for most of the time, it was needless repetition.

Kenneth M. Nielsen

North Tonawanda