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Letter: Believers in Christ know the meaning of Christmas

Believers in Christ know the meaning of Christmas

A recent letter writer started the annual war of words on Christmas. Nobody has taken Christ out of Christmas. Any believer in Christ never takes the Christmas narrative for naught, unless she knows better about what is in the hearts and minds of most people. It would be good if religious zealots respected the goodwill of those who rejoice in “happy holidays.” We all need peace on earth.

The writer says she started writing about this more than 60 years ago. She would’ve been better served had she read Virginia’s letter. It is much more Christian!

The writer thinks that the Hallmark Channel can’t get the Christmas message right and that romantic stories are not what it’s all about. Consider these words from St. Paul: “Faith is the substance of all things hoped for.” So many Hallmark stories are about the hope of a great love life or the answer to extreme loneliness. In either case, it’s usually Christmas that makes the dream come true.

Elizabeth McGowan