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Donte Whitner says 'Toronto Bills' crack wasn't going too far

Donte Whitner has no regrets.

The former Buffalo Bills safety wasn't in an apologetic mood this afternoon when speaking with Cleveland reporters. Whitner caused a stir on social media this summer when he suggested his former team would move to Toronto, then got into a back and forth with former Bills great Darryl Talley and his wife, Janine.

"I'm not sorry that that happened," Whitner said today. "It's something that happened and I was called out by somebody that I knew and I responded and they responded and that's where it went.

"If anything, I didn't really say anything too disrespectful. Anybody else that I was talking to, they were cursing and going back and forth, so maybe we should have to take that up with them, but I'm not sorry for it."

As for the shot at his former fan base -- especially given the uncertainty that surrounded the franchise after the death of owner Ralph Wilson -- Whitner said, "It wasn't excessive."

"It wasn't a joke. I knew that it would, you know, get to 'em," he said. "I knew it would ruffle a feather."

Bills running back Fred Jackson responded to Whitner this afternoon, saying "it's just him being an idiot" and recommending Bills fans "don't listen to him."

"If they're over there talking about this, maybe we are in their heads. Maybe I'm in their head," Whitner said. "The goal is to go 1-0. The goal is to get them talking about things other than football and I guess that's what they're doing."

Whitner said "that's crazy," when informed of Jackson's comments, but said he'd shake hands Sunday.

"I don't really care about words and personal feelings and things like that," Whitner said. "When I look at the football film, we're here to win football games and not really to make friends, especially with the opposition.

"Pretty good running back, very reliable for them, makes a lot of plays. Their offense goes through him, but any personal feelings or anything like that, I have none. We're going to look forward to this game. My teammates are ready to play this game and we'll see what happens on Sunday."

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