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Nov. 25, 1974: Sabres' Crozier proclaims an end to his fighting days

The beloved backstop of the earliest Sabres teams, Roger Crozier was admittedly “an old man” between the pipes for Buffalo at age 32.

To maintain his sharpness and stamina at such an advanced age, Crozier decided after a recent bench-clearing brawl against the Canadiens, that perhaps he should put his fighting days behind him.

"Roger Crozier’s goal: No more fight"

“ 'That’s enough for me,' remarked Roger with a grin, as he sat sweating in the corner of the dressing room. 'No more. It tires you out too much.' ”

25 nov 1974 no more fights for Crozier

25 nov 1974 roger crozier pic

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