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Letter: Don’t compare store clerks to health care professionals

Don’t compare store clerks to health care professionals

Regarding The News article about retailers opening on Thanksgiving, I share the opinion that stores should be closed to let employees spend time with their families. It’s bad enough that over the years corporate greed has prompted stores to open earlier and earlier, forcing employees to report at ungodly hours after celebrating Thanksgiving. Now some must forgo celebrating altogether.

I was offended by the reporter’s choice of loaded phrases when quoting stores that have chosen to stay closed on that day: “Costco pontificated,” “sniffed Nordstrom” and “GameStop declared.” Really? I prefer to shop at stores that treat their employees well. Walden Galleria’s ridiculous requirement that every store open on Thanksgiving or face huge fines has made the national news – not in a favorable way – giving Buffalo another black eye.

As for the letter writer who chose a retail career and said he knew what he was signing up for, as should other retail employees, I disagree. I worked in retail years ago, when stores were closed on all major holidays.

The writer compares his line of work to medical personnel and first responders. The difference is that the latter are absolutely necessary. Patients in hospitals and nursing homes can’t be left alone. Victims of crimes and fires can’t wait for police and firefighters. But shoppers? During last week’s storm, calls went out for volunteers to help get nurses and other medical staff to work. I have yet to hear anyone ask for help to get a clerk to a store.

Jill Monacelli