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Letter: President’s denials just keep on coming

President’s denials just keep on coming

The earth’s magnetic pole is in the process of flipping, but while that may take decades more to happen, President Obama has required only six years to go from credible to totally incredible, and from protected by plausible deniability to gifting his critics with denial of plausibility for his mantra of ignorance whenever bad news lands on his doorstep.

How often have we been treated to the spectacle of the world’s most powerful leader, beneficiary of a worldwide intelligence program, constantly updated by the National Security Agency and daily briefed on serious developments by the combined spy services, looking up at a camera with exasperation and confessing that he just learned of the problem that morning? For example, Fast and Furious, IRS overreach, Black Panther intimidation at voting booths, a terrorist group called ISIS, the mass influx of children at the Southern border, abandonment of the ambassador and staff in Benghazi, a deliberate program of deceit built into the Affordable Care Act and Jonathan Gruber, whose name didn’t ring a bell.

Obama is the spectator president sitting in the stands alongside us waiting to see what happens next so he can wring his hands in dismay and promise to get right on it.

John Joyce