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Communication problems: Buffalo School Bd argues over rescheduled meeting

Anyone who wants an idea of how poorly the Buffalo School Board is getting along these days need only follow the series of emails board members have exchanged over the past week arguing over tomorrow's 2 p.m. special board meeting, rescheduled from last week because of the Snowvember Storm.

There's a lot that one could say about how all this was handled (like the fact that the telephone is not yet an obsolete form of communication) but I'll just let these email exchanges largely speak for themselves. These are all the actual email exchanges that board members have sent each other regarding the rescheduling of the meeting.

It appears, despite the exchanges below, that there will be a board meeting at 2 p.m. Tuesday. As always, we will be there to cover it. Be on the look out for the live blog, which will be posted tomorrow.

Here we go:

Wednesday, Nov. 19

9:47 a.m., President Jim Sampson: Hello, We will be canceling tonight's board meeting. With continued travel restrictions and the promise of more snow promised canceling the meeting seems like the wise thing to do. I would propose scheduling a special meeting fro next Tuesday at 2PM for essential business only and then postpone public comment until 12/3.

1:19 p.m., Mary Ruth Kapsiak: President Sampson, It would have been very considerate of you to poll board members regarding the time of next Tuesday's meeting. You need a quorum in order to conduct a meeting. Did you stop polling when you received a quorum? You must remember we all have families to consider in planning our time away from home. This is totally amazing to me!!! We need to stop being self centered and consider others when planning. Thank you for your future consideration.

5:48 p.m., Barbara Seals Nevergold: Jim, Tuesday for the meeting is fine for me, but the 2pm is a conflict for me. 4pm is fine.

6:28 p.m., Larry Quinn: 4 is too late

7:48 p.m., Nevergold: what time do you suggest?

Thursday, Nov. 20

9:22 a.m., Jason McCarthy: I too will not be able to attend if its after 4p Tuesday. How about Tuesday morning?

9:42 a.m., Quinn: Leave it as is or earlier

4:32 p.m., Kapsiak: This dialogue would not be going on at this time if protocol had been followed. It never cease to amaze me that certain people make a request and it is honored while others make a request and it is denied. Let's stop playing game and engage in real business of the board. I don't see an answer to my question in my original message.

6:25 p.m., Sampson: Hello, Please let me know if changing the meeting to earlier on Tuesday can accommodate schedules. Wednesday is impractical and Monday also is not feasible. Later than 2PM on Tuesday also does not work. I appreciate how difficult it is to schedule a meeting that adheres to everyone's commitments especially on the heals of this horrific storm and the approaching holiday.

9:13 p.m., Kapsiak: President Sampson, When will the canceled Board Meeting be re-scheduled?

Friday, Nov. 21

4:55 a.m., Sampson: It has been rescheduled for Tuesday at 2PM. The only other time that seems to work would be earlier in the day but no one has yet expressed and interest in that.

8:52 a.m., Nevergold: 2pm is difficult for me and I will have to rearrange my schedule to accommodate but making it earlier will not work at all. So leave it at 2.

7:57 p.m., Kapsiak: President Sampson, My question was not answered. Is it a special meeting or a board meeting replacing last week's canceled board meeting? In your previous correspondence you said it was a special meeting.

Saturday, Nov. 22

7:48 a.m., Sampson: I have gone back and reviewed the previous emails and public announcement - it is a special meeting to conduct essential business.

12:30 p.m., Kapsiak: President Sampson, Point of order: Please consult with Mr. Kane on the Policy for Special Meetings to all recipients of this mail.

Monday, Nov. 24

5:22 p.m., Theresa Harris-Tigg: Hello All, I work on Tuesdays and would not be available for meetings on that day and/ or that time. We had this discussion with James Kane a week or so about randomly moving committee I'd board meetings on days other than Wednesdays. It is not fair because our calendars have been set. I am being excluded from a business meeting unfairly!


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