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Letters to the Sports Editor for Nov. 23

Sabres’ prez delivers a birthday surprise

While attending the Sharks game the night of the snowstorm, I was in Section 326 with my daughters to celebrate my older daughter’s birthday. Mr. Ted Black came up to the section and invited everyone in the section to follow him to a suite. It turned out to be the Pegula’s suite. We were treated great while enjoying pizza and pop compliments of the Sabres.

Mr. Black was very personable and had a conversation with anyone who approached him to thank him. I personally want to thank Mr. Ted Black and the Sabres for treating their fans to a special once in a lifetime night at a game. I know my daughters and I will never forget her 19th birthday.

Mark Wise


Turn out the lights, the season’s over

No matter how you slice it, the Bills season is over. Our remaining games can accomplish two things: Put EJ Manuel back in as the starter to find out once and for all if he has any potential as a long-term QB.

Secondly, forget about winning any of the remaining games so that Buffalo can move to the top of the 2016 draft and use those choices to rebuild. Perhaps with our second-round draft choice, especially if we draft near the top, we may be able to get an excellent quarterback.

Cheryl Cranston

West Seneca

Thoughts on exactly how to retool the coaching staff

Doug Marrone has proved an incompetent coach. Yet, he has hired some assistants with better football minds. Does Mike Pettine ring any bells? Is the Cleveland turnaround a miracle or competent coaching? Marrone should be fired and for the sake of continuity a competent assistant, in this case Jim Schwartz, should replace him. Schwartz’s first act should be to offer whatever money it takes and sign Chan Gailey as offensive coordinator. This would be a smooth transition. Gailey knows the players and has always produced points even with an ineffectual quarterback. Do that and the Bills will take off. But if our new owner, Mr. Pegula, runs the Bills the way he runs the Sabres, no dramatic change of any sort will occur. Ineptitude will remain the coin of the realm.

David Birt

Davis, CA

You want frustration? Here’s frustration

I’m sorry, did I just read that the Bills were getting frustrated? Fans pay top dollar for games, concessions and parking, stand out in the cold, gather for hopeful parties every week and give their heart and soul to a team, only to watch 14 years of failure. As the players continue to collect millions of dollars despite their performance, I can only imagine their frustration.

Andrew Lisitsky

Orchard Park

Marrone taking rap for players’ mistakes

I don’t get all the calls for a Bills coaching change.

Sure, the last two losses have been super tough, but the game plans created the opportunities to win the game and the players did not execute. Fumbles and missed passes lost the games, not coaching decisions. Plus injuries to their two best players; Watkins and Jackson, who were obviously not 100 percent. Doug Marrone has reminded me of Bill Parcells in his demeanor and football philosophy. Let’s give him some time.

Lou Speranza


Bills’ flight pattern points to win over Jets

The Bills are going to beat the Jets! The reason I know this is that their pattern of games this season has been to win two, lose two, win one, lose one, win two, lose two and now it is time to win one. Liars figure, but figures never lie. So go ahead and count the win in the Bills column. It is a guarantee. The Bills are going to be 6-5.

But next week’s game does not bode well for them. Oh well, there is always the draft, which just will not have the usual luster this year after we traded our number one pick to Cleveland for Sammy Watkins. Do you think a franchise quarterback will fall down to the second round? Do you think there is a franchise head coach out there as well?

Jim Antes


Improving helmets could curtail injuries

It’s time to create better football helmets, maybe like the one former Buffalo Bill Mark Kelso was wearing with the double shell.

No one should have to die playing the game they love.

James Ziolkowski


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