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Letter: Shoppers should protest stores that open on holiday

Shoppers should protest stores that open on holiday

It is time for families to take back the holidays from the corporations. The people who end up working these hellish shopping sales need their jobs and cannot refuse to work the hours, but it means they miss out on a holiday that is generally spent with family and friends. Or, mom is the one who must work so this family’s special holiday time is totally negated.

Why should we let corporate greed further deteriorate our family lifestyle? Some stores are now being forced to be open on the holidays even though the owner prefers to be closed. It is time for our voices to be heard through our absence.

I will not shop at any store that is open for Thanksgiving Day for at least one month. That means I will not give that store my business for the Christmas gifts I will be purchasing, even if it is a favorite store of mine. And, in taking this step, I may find other alternatives that are equally satisfying for my purchases so it may lead me to stay away permanently from the store that was open on Thanksgiving Day. There are many of us who feel this same way, so retailers need to pay attention.

You may be losing more sales in the long term than what you gain for that one single day. You said retail sales were down last year because of the snow. Ha, it was because you are bleeding our interest in you as a retailer by looking for the quick buck.

Deborah Mauro