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Letter: Big business convenience harms small-store owners

Big business convenience harms small-store owners

In response to “The New Wine” in the Nov. 18 Buzz column, we believe the recent setup by Wegmans encourages large companies to bend the rules with the State Liquor Authority. This has the potential to critically disable healthy, locally owned businesses that have been thriving for decades within this business’s radius.

By law, multiple liquor stores cannot be owned by the same person, so in order to subvert this rule, establishments use the name of a relative, an employee or anyone that has even the slightest affiliation with the company. So, the “proprietors” technically barely have to even work there, or set foot into the liquor store they are supposed to own.

Local proprietors who have worked at their own stores on a daily basis are now in a position to lose their very livelihood due to the blatant rule-bending of a large corporation that subjugates hardworking, neighborhood proprietors who simply do not have the buying power of a Wegmans.

Do we want Western New York to be another area that values a minuscule convenience over basic community principles? That isn’t what the City of Good Neighbors is all about.

Victoria Glamuzina

Proprietor, Georgetown Square

Wine & Spirits