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Lancaster Day 3: Hit hard but no injuries or building damage

As more snow fell Thursday, most of the roads in the Town of Lancaster were partially cleared, Supervisor Dino J. Fudoli said, but the driving ban is still in effect.

“I would say at least 95 percent of the streets are passable, at least one lane,” Fudoli said, making them accessible for emergency personnel if necessary. “The state of emergency is still in effect.”

Fudoli was reached at Town Hall, his first visit there since the storm began. He said he and a few staff members opened the offices Thursday to respond to residents’ calls for information and help.

“Most wondered when they’ll be plowed, when they can get out,” he said. “I understand it. People get a little antsy cooped up for two or three days. I’m like that myself, but we just had be resigned to the fact that we have to stay off the roads.”

He said there have been no reports so far of building damage or injuries from the storms, which dumped more than 6 feet of snow in some parts of the town.

“Most people are just not sure what’s going on. All they can see is what’s around their house,” he said. “But there’s really nowhere for them to go unless they’re healthcare workers. A lot of the stores are still closed. Most of them don’t have their parking lots cleared.”

He said they are looking forward to a break in the weather on Friday.

“We hope to lift the driving ban tomorrow,” he said. “That’s what we’re hoping anyway.”

– Melinda Miller