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South District Council member says storm has made residents ‘nervous’

The Common Council member who represents South Buffalo could not get to City Hall on Wednesday, so he spent most of the day walking through neighborhoods, talking to residents and observing snow-removal operations in his district.

South Buffalo residents are “nervous,” South District Council Member Christopher P. Scanlon said, because they’ve never been hit with so much snow in such a short time and they don’t know what the next 24 hours will bring.

“I think the city is doing a good job. They have a plan. They’re working hard,” Scanlon said. “But I think it is going to be another couple of days before the side streets are clear. We could get another two feet of snow before it’s over.”

Scanlon, 33, lives on Ramona Avenue near Cazenovia Park. He said he spent much of Wednesday out walking in the neighborhoods near his home. He also walked to a crowded Tops Market to get formula for his four-month-old baby.

“I’ve never seen a storm hit South Buffalo this quickly,” he said. “I’m 6-foot-2, and as I stood in my driveway Tuesday morning, the snow was right up to the top part of my chest. It was all of five feet deep.”

Many residents kept asking him how long it will take before city snowplows clear the side streets they live on, Scanlon said.

“I tell them, right now, this isn’t a snowplowing operation. It’s a towing operation, and a snow-hauling operation,” Scanlon said. “The big problem is all the cars stuck on the side streets. On my own street, there are six cars stuck right in the middle of the street. They’re going to have to be taken away before they can plow. I tell people, ‘We’re going to have to be patient.’ ”

Scanlon added that he has seen, and has been told about “a lot of heroic acts by our first-responders.”

“We’ve got firefighters on snowmobiles all over South Buffalo. We had a baby born in a firehouse. We’ve seen firefighters carrying patients on stretchers into Mercy Hospital,” he said. “This storm is unprecedented.”