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In Orchard Park, an urgent plea for a helpful plow driver

Up to $78.03. That’s how much Colleen Kelly had on her, and that’s what she was willing to pay for some help plowing her brother’s driveway in Orchard Park.

Kelly, a West Seneca resident who teaches in the Orchard Park schools, has been at her brother’s Powers Road house for four days. She put her car at the end of his long driveway on Monday, thinking it’d make it easier to get out for school on Tuesday.

“Obviously, that was a bad move,” she said late Wednesday morning with her car hopelessly stuck a few feet away.

While her nephew, Braeden Attig, tried to find proof that the enormous mound of snow did indeed have a vehicle at its core, Kelly held up a handwritten sign imploring a plow to help and advertising the money she could offer.

So far, no dice.

Not far away, Bill Graves of Orchard Park was on his bike at Chestnut Ridge “trying to get some energy out.”

Graves was checking out the view toward the start of an hour-long ride. His bike is equipped with special extra-large snow tires, which were essential for the snow-covered roads.

While he was eager to hit the road, his wife was hoping to get the Christmas tree up Wednesday.

“I get out while she’s on the phone,” he said with a smile.