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Here are some tips for taking a break from college applications

It’s November of your senior year, which probably means that college applications are looming, an ominous black cloud over the holiday season. Instead of a list of helpful tips to help you properly fill these applications out, I present to you a procrastinator’s dream: a list of 25 things to do when you need a break from your college applications.

1. Find a new show on Netflix. With the wealth of TV shows and movies available on the video-streaming service, there’s no way you won’t be able to find something you like. And if you don’t have an account, just mooch off one of your friends who does.

2. Order a pizza. No matter what your preference is (personally, I’m a La Nova guy), take a break and grab a pizza from your favorite spot.

3. Watch the Bills (defense). As hard as it has gotten to watch our offense stutter along the past few games, our standout defense has been shining the whole season.

4. Go bowling. Get your friends together and head to the nearest lanes. Or you can make your own at home, by using pop cans and a tennis ball.

5. Build a snowman (or woman). Hopefully, the snow will start to stick so that you can create a proper snow friend, without it looking like it was in a mud wrestling contest.

6. Go sledding. With the freshly fallen snow, it’s beginning to look like winter! Grab a sled and find the nearest hill.

7. Do some homework. At least it’s not college applications.

8. Bake a cake. You can share it with your family at home, or bring it to school and give it to that cute girl (or guy) in your English class.

9. Work out. Sometimes the best way to relieve stress is to run a few miles with your headphones in. Plus, beach season is only seven months away!

10. Play a board game. Monopoly. Chess. Trouble. All of these are fun board games that you can play with family and friends.

11. People watch. Go to the nearest mall, grocery store or airport for this one; just don’t get caught staring.

12. Go skiing. With local ski areas opening soon (Holiday Valley is expecting to open Nov. 28), feel free to take advantage of the fresh powder early, before the resorts get too crowded.

13. Go to the new HarborCenter. More specifically, try the new (716) Food & Sports Bar. With more than 60 TVs, including a monster 60-footer, you won’t be disappointed.

14. Run in the Turkey Trot. The annual 8K to benefit the Buffalo Niagara YMCA is held on Thanksgiving morning. Sure, you have to wake up a little early, but it’s a wildly fun event for a good cause. Feel free to wear a costume if you’re so inclined.

15. Help make dinner. You’re welcome, parents.

16. Join a new club. It’s your senior year, which means it’s your last chance to try something new at your high school. You won’t regret it.

17. Learn how to juggle. Really. There are all sorts of instructional videos on YouTube.

18. Make a bonfire. Because who doesn’t like to set things on fire?

19. Volunteer. Find an organization or agency that you’d like to help with, and get involved. Try to fit some volunteering into your busy schedule; not only is it rewarding for the recipient but to yourself as well. Sign up with a group of friends to maximize the fun.

20. Start holiday shopping. while you’re busy doing nothing, get ahead on your holiday shopping, so as to avoid the Black Friday brawls.

21. Look for a summer internship. It’s never too early to start looking for employment. Try to find an internship that fits the career path that you’re thinking about; early experience in the field can never hurt when you’re applying for (gulp) real jobs in a few years.

22. Polish your New Year’s resolutions. A good list is always important. Start to craft a list of things you’ll do for a week in 2015.

23. Hang out with the family pet. Rufus and Buddy won’t ask if you’ve finished your applications yet.

24. Call your sibling away at college. If you have a brother or sister away at college, call and chat with him or her. There’s no point in just one of you being distracted.

25. Make a list of 25 things to do other than your college applications.

Sean Wright is a senior at Clarence High School.