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Depew Day 2: A dustpan excavation

Depew resident Ben Medley was desperate to try and excavate his truck on Conway Street, which was blocking the road crosswise. So he stepped outside with a dustpan and started scooping late this morning.

The former Lackawanna resident owns a snow shovel. But it’s in the detached garage behind his house, he said.

“I can’t even get to the garage to get to the shovels,” he said. “There’s about 6 to 7 feet of snow in the backyard.”

That section of Depew has seen an average of 38 inches of snowfall, according to residents, but with the wind, many of the drifts are much higher.

So there Medley was, standing on the roof of his black pickup truck, trying to clear off the top of it with his white dustpan. Other neighbors resorted to dustpan shoveling as well.

Medley’s initial plan was to unearth his truck and get it back into the driveway. But even if he could get the truck back in, there was a chance it would strike a second vehicle parked in it. Only the antenna was visible on the second car.

Having a plow attached to the front of his truck didn’t help. The snow was simply too high. He finally gave up.

“It’s ridiculous,” he said.

No plow has managed to open up the residential street, but a front loader truck did come partway down the block Tuesday to help rescue a resident with carbon monoxide emergency. That pathway was already filled in with about two feet of snow by this afternoon.