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Jury begins deliberations in murder case against Davide Coggins

MAYVILLE – The jury in the murder case against Davide Coggins, 35, began deliberating just before noon Thursday.

Chautauqua County Court Judge John T. Ward read each of the 11 counts, starting with the most serious of murder in the first degree, which alleges that Coggins caused the deaths of Gordon and Joyce Skinner on April 17, 2013 in their town of Carroll home. The first degree charge requires more than one death during the crime and that the defendant be older than 18 years-old.

The jury will also consider two counts murder in the second degree and two counts of felony murder, for both of the Skinners.

In addition, they will also consider a charge of arson in the first degree which involves an intentional fire in a structure that results in an injury. The seventh charge is burglary in the first degree. The ninth charge is arson in the second degree and burglary in the second degree is the 10th charge. The final charge is conspiracy in the fourth degree which requires that if, while engaging in a felony, burglary in the second degree is also committed.

There were two early requests from the jury foreman. He sent a note to the judge just five minutes after the start of deliberations that the jury be provided with a list of evidence submitted during the trial and that the definition of “in concert” be read again as it related to the definitions of the crimes.

After consulting with both legal teams it was decided that there was not a completed “master” list of evidence.

Judge Ward offered that all the evidence could be brought into the jury room and they could look through it as they wanted during their talks. The foreman agreed to the offer and it was decided that all the items, including photographs and physical evidence would be brought into the jury room.

He also re-read the definition.