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Letter: Teachers’ health insurance is different in each district

Teachers’ health insurance is different in each district

I am a recently retired teacher and I would like to respond to the letter regarding the NYSUT mailer and ads against Sen. Mark Grisanti. Like the writer, I feel that these ads and mailers are inappropriate. During the time I was teaching, I stopped contributing to VOTE-COPE because I felt the money was sometimes supporting candidates I did not agree with on issues other than education, and I could not in good conscience support them.

But I would like to clear up a misconception that the writer and others in the past have expressed in Everybody’s Column. All teachers in New York State do not have the same health insurance plans. Your health insurance is determined by your individual district in negotiations with your local union. Therefore, not every teacher has an elective surgery rider or lifetime health insurance, as is so often assumed. For instance, I taught for 40 years in the same district in Western New York, and I do not have either of these benefits.

Kathleen Schmitt