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Letter: Representatives should respond to constituents

Representatives should respond to constituents

We all know how dysfunctional our Congress is, but the fact that our representatives will not even respond to a phone call or letter speaks volumes about how they actually view us. The only time our voices can truly be heard is election time, and once again we have that golden opportunity to “throw the bums out!”

It doesn’t matter what political party you belong to. When elected representatives become so comfortable that they ignore their constituents (as they have done me), then it’s time to send them a clear message. Rep. Brian Higgins is the perfect example of a politician’s politician – one who is looking out only for himself.

For all the years he has been in Congress, President Obama doesn’t even know who he is, confusing him with the mayor of Buffalo. If Higgins is not recognized by his own (Democratic Party) president, then it’s no wonder we are not represented properly. Let’s give someone else the same opportunity to adequately represent us.

John Lincoln

West Seneca