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Oct. 30, 1994: Ghostly child spooks guests at Grand Island hotel

Perhaps one of Western New York’s best-known ghost stories comes from the banks of the Niagara River at the Grand Island Holiday Inn.

"Ghostly guest refuses to check out of Grand Island haunt"

"John Kostigian awoke in his suite at the Grand Island Holiday Inn and saw a little girl standing at the foot of the bed.

" 'I yelled at her,' Kostigian said. 'I said, "What are you doing here? You don't belong here!" Then she ran into a corner and sort of just disappeared.'

"Kostigian checked the door. It was locked and chained, just as he had left it when he and his wife went to sleep earlier that night. He shrugged off the incident as a strange dream.

"But months later, Kostigian, who said he visits frequently from Canada, learned that others in the hotel had encountered the same child before.

"They call her Tanya, and she is the Holiday Inn's best-known guest.

"She's also a ghost.

"Yes, the Island Holiday Inn is Western New York's haunted hotel, with ghost sightings dating to the year it opened in 1973."

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