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Oct. 30, 1994: Buffalonians meet Buffalonians everywhere they go

Most Buffalonians have stories of meeting Buffalonians in far-flung places, and the warm exchanges and bizarre connections shared in conversation.

But News Reporter Lauri Githens’ examination of the phenomenon offers perhaps the most mind-boggling example to date.

"The Buffalo Connection: In this 'really big room,' incredible links have us all entwined"

"It has been said -- best by playwright John Guare -- that everyone on this planet is separated by only six other people. Six degrees of separation.

"But in Buffalo, perhaps you've noticed it's more like ... two.

"Two degrees of separation. Two people between you and everyone else in this town.

"Scratch an acquaintance, find a neighbor's boss. Or your old roommate's lover's best friend.

"Or a relative. Shortly we'll introduce to you a West Side woman who dated only twice in five years -- only to discover that both guys were distant cousins of hers."


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