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Letter: Key items were omitted from Cuomo endorsement

Key items were omitted from Cuomo endorsement

The Oct. 26 News editorial endorsing Andrew Cuomo for re-election as governor recognized his accomplishments. It failed to list whether Cuomo will decide to ban or approve hydrofracking after the election, and whether he will further expand the NY SAFE Act. Both issues deal with freedom of choice, not government policy.

The majority no longer rules, rendering the people’s choice useless. What are we teaching our children when we urge them to become involved in their government by voting and they see their vote is overruled or unenforced because it is offensive to some minority? Elections have consequences. This is a teachable moment for all of us. Go to the polls, vote and stay involved in your state and national government. I am a senior citizen who is more concerned about the kind of country my young family and community members will inherit.

Mary A. Kless