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Letter: Grisanti has worked to improve our parks

Grisanti has worked to improve our parks

As one of the 250,000 people who use Chestnut Ridge Park on an annual basis, I find it very important to submit my support for State Sen. Mark Grisanti. Although I cannot vote for him, I must remind others that he is a tremendous supporter of the parks in Western New York.

Grisanti has secured a grant from New York State to assist in the repairs, maintenance and purchase of new equipment to enhance everyone’s experience in the park on a year-round basis. These funds are to be used to refurbish the baseball diamonds in the park, expand other recreational areas, restore and conserve the 65-year-old murals that enhance the casino along with repairing bridges used for walking and running.

In addition, these funds may be used to purchase snow-making equipment to enhance the winter experience on the toboggan run and the glorious hills for sledding. We will no longer need to depend upon Mother Nature to grace Chestnut Ridge Park in the winter.

A vote for Grisanti is a vote for Chestnut Ridge Park.

Lynda E. Michnik

West Seneca