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Letter: Grisanti has proven he cannot be trusted

Grisanti has proven he cannot be trusted

“Republican” State Sen. Mark Grisanti, a Canisius College graduate, remains the mystery candidate with a consistency of changing public commitments – “unalterably opposed,” yet one month later voting in the Senate for the Marriage Equality Act.

The veracity has also been questioned when, as a losing Democrat, he entered the 2008 Democratic primary for the State Senate and received a waiver to run as a Republican in the 2010 race to edge out his opponent by 526 votes in a contest besieged by attacks and allegations.

In 2012, he unprofessionally and unsophisticatedly was involved in a Niagara Falls casino confrontation that resulted in him suffering “bruised ribs” and his accompanying wife a concussion. Grisanti never pressed charges as a result of the confrontation.

As a “Republican” with “gushing support from Gov. Cuomo” and Lady Gaga, Grisanti is the beneficiary of a redrawn 60th Senate District that has seen a Republican registration advantage of 82,000 reduced to 35,000.

Concerned citizens must expect consistency and truthfulness from their candidates. This candidate is espousing support for many issues in ads today, but as proven in the past, he cannot be trusted.

Robert W. Miller

Orchard Park