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Letter: Collins is ineffective by his own measure

Collins is ineffective by his own measure

When running for Congress in 2012, Chris Collins was asked in a debate to give a letter grade to incumbent Kathy Hochul’s performance. Collins gave her an “I for ineffective” for failing (by that point) to pass any bills of her own. Collins promised, “As a member of the majority, I guarantee voters when I introduce a bill, I’m gonna have the kind of support that gets those bills passed.”

Collins has served in Congress for almost two years now and, other than a bill naming a post office, he hasn’t passed a single piece of legislation. In fact, of the six other bills he has introduced, a third have zero co-sponsors and none has left committee. Despite promises to the contrary, Collins has proven himself to be the definition of ineffective.

Don’t take my word for it – take his.

Cynthia Appleton