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For thrills and chills, ‘Ouija’ falls short

With the Halloween season quickly coming to a close, people are scrambling to carve their last pumpkins, to tour their last haunted houses, and above all else, everyone is looking get in one last Halloween scare. This time of year, many highly anticipated horror movies are premiering in theaters. One of the newest and most awaited movies this fall is Stiles White’s “Ouija.”

“Ouija,” starring Olivia Cooke, tells the story of a group of teenagers who experience a terrifying encounter with an evil spirit who has been awoken and has entered the physical world through a connection made by a Ouija board. This spirit haunts each of the teens while the main character, Laine Morris (Cooke), desperately searches for a way to break the connection in an attempt to save her friends.

While the film appears quite thrilling in its intense and exciting trailer, it, unfortunately, falls short of high expectations. The storyline is much too predictable and the characters (as per usual in horror movies) continuously make poor and thoughtless decisions that jeopardize their lives. Even from the beginning, it is hard to make a connection with the characters in the movie because there is little background information that would give the viewers a foundation to form opinions.

It’s expected that paranormal horror movies are typically going to be a little unrealistic; however, “Ouija” pushes the envelope a little too far. There was too much action and not enough foundation. There was a lot of suspense and nothing to fulfill the viewers’ expectations. In addition, the story seemed to move too quickly. The suspense progressed so fast that the audience didn’t even have enough time to be frightened, only confused.

“Overall, it was pretty good, but there was way too much story crammed into such a short period of time,” said Victoria Krentz, a sophomore at Nichols School. “Really, the only scary parts were when things popped out at me.”

All in all, if you are looking for your last Halloween scare of the season, “Ouija” does have several scenes that will make your skin crawl, and the movie does fit in with the Halloween spirit; however, in comparison to the many other horror films that have been released this season, “Ouija” lacks the fear factor viewers are looking for.

Erin Nebbia is a senior at Nichols School.