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Letter: Weppner’s life story deserves to be shared

Weppner’s life story deserves to be shared

Lost among the dribs and drabs of Buffalo’s everyday life is a story of love and dedication never told. A story of a passion unseen in years. One who yearns to improve the lives of Buffalonians and do it with dignity, truth and valor. The story is about Kathy Weppner, candidate for Congress in the 26th District.

Weppner and her campaign have visited more than 350 events and distributed 50,000 palm cards. She has issued numerous press releases and held fundraisers. Her website,, is top-notch. Running against Brian Higgins, she has a lot of things in her favor. Weppner has super name recognition, a crumbling administration in Washington and the negative direction of the country on her side. Her life is filled with stories of compassion and caring. Remember the freeing of John Walker? She even has South Buffalo Irish roots. Her radio program on WBEN, “Straight Talk,” showed that she knew the issues and could debate with the best. She is confident, feisty and energetic. She doesn’t need talking-points.

Weppner’s story in the least would be a good human interest story, one of David-and-Goliath proportions. But her lack of coverage is a mystery, unless the media have something else in mind. One paper’s political reporter, in four articles over four months, never discussed the policy differences between the two candidates (liberal versus conservative). Each article talked only about money. Don’t readers deserve the full story? With her pledge to serve only three terms (six years), her strongly held principles and her belief in openness and honesty, her story is amazing and should be shared across this entire community.

Avery Dimmig