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Letter: Treanor is best candidate for Cheektowaga town judge

Treanor is best candidate for Cheektowaga town judge

After reading with interest the Oct. 17 letter commenting on the candidates’ qualifications for Cheektowaga town judge, Melissa Reese and Dennis Gorski, I found myself agreeing as to what she was stating. However, if she wants this kind of integrity and honesty, why not add that the judicial branch could be best served if political affiliation was almost eliminated? One candidate’s name was not mentioned in the race for town judge – Joe Treanor. This is an example of what I’m talking about.

Treanor is the type of candidate everyone should read about. I would say he is “supremely” qualified to be on Cheektowaga’s bench, with benchmark statements such as no fundraising, no contributions accepted, no favors allowed, no politics, no outside influence, justice not for sale!

Treanor is a graduate of Notre Dame (magna cum laude) and Notre Dame Law School. He is also a veteran of 28 years of service in the Air Force. The retired colonel and JAG won 95 percent of his cases, trial and appeal. He has a 30-plus year legal career, not to mention a Purple Heart and Bronze Star for valor. All one has to do is check him out at I’m sure you will come to the same conclusion as I did: Treanor is the best candidate. After serving to defend our country and Constitution in the military, he is now home wanting to serve his community.

Dale Swarthout