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Letter: Respect other’s choices regarding private schools

Respect other’s choices regarding private schools

I am a grandmother interested in the education of her grandchildren, one of whom is currently a student at Tapestry Charter High School. I read the complete article published in the Oct. 12 News and was greatly disturbed by some of the student comments. Namely, the reference to an incident of a student being expelled from the Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart for inappropriate behavior caused by alcohol and poor choices.

I and many family members and friends are alumni of Sacred Heart and St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute. The negative way these excellent schools were portrayed was not only a slur on private schools, but very degrading to Tapestry.

Never once did anyone in our family experience the behavior alluded to in the article, or give cause to experience being expelled from the school. We chose to send our family members to these private schools, and we were taught to respect the choices of others.

We respect the way Tapestry is attempting to educate the children. Please respect ours.

Anita Civello