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Letter: Many voters disagree with Panepinto’s beliefs

Many voters disagree with Panepinto’s beliefs

I listened in disbelief to the debate for the 60th District for State Senate to hear Democratic candidate Marc Panepinto push Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s agenda to allow abortions up to nine months. Why? He has three girls, he responded, and wants them to have a choice. How much choice do they need? What happened to personal responsibility?

Panepinto also wants illegal aliens to receive college aid from our tax dollars. Why? His grandparents came from Italy, he said. So did my grandparents. They came here legally. I’ll never forget the joy on my grandfather’s face when he became a U.S. citizen. As Republican candidate Kevin Stocker pointed out as he visited households, we have many taxpaying families struggling to put food on the table, much less paying for illegal aliens’ college education.

I would like to see issues such as these on the voting ballot. We are the people. These issues certainly don’t distinguish which party you are affiliated with. After all, we’re the ones footing the bill and watching in disbelief as politicians make decisions for their own personal gain, bringing our country to senseless, immoral decisions.

Joanne Zabielski