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Yolo gives fried bologna a fresh take

Yolo has made bringing a touch of downtown to the wilds of Transit Road in Clarence its mission.

So it was odd to hear reports from eaters impressed by Yolo’s take on, of all things, a fried bologna sandwich.

But it’s true. It happened this way: Chef Scott Bernard was playing around with ideas for sandwich specials when he wondered if fried bologna would sell. “I’ve never eaten fried bologna,” he said. “I just know that people in my family eat fried bologna, and people like it in the city.”

The idea he came up with is to treat the whole, uncut 10-pound piece of sandwich meat like a ham. He takes the whole bologna, scores it and rubs a spicy mustard glaze over it using Dijon mustard, brown sugar, honey and Sriracha and mustard powder for a little bite. “I score it so the mustard glaze can get all in there,” Bernard said.

Hot-smoking the meat imbues it with barbecue flavor. It also makes his co-workers hungry for bacon. “It smells great when you open the oven up, and that smell rolls through the kitchen,” he said.

After it cools, Bernard cuts half-inch slabs, about 8 ounces each. He toasts a ciabatta bun, and puts the bologna steak on it, and another slather of the sauce. Then it gets a layer of caramelized onions, Spanish and red onions cooked down slowly without added sugar.

It comes with french fries for $10.

“When we were writing it, we thought it was funny. No one thought it would sell,” Bernard said, adding that after only one week on the menu it already had gone through a second bologna.

Yolo is at 5841 Transit Road, Clarence. For information, call 688-4479 or visit

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