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Oct. 28, 1959: News reviewer calls jazz style 'informal Armageddon'

Stan Kenton was one of the last star bandleaders to emerge from the Big Band era.

By the time he came to Buffalo 55 years ago last night, his music was less Big Band and more experimental jazz. Reviewer John Dwyer seemed to think it was an experiment gone awry.

"Stan Kenton’s jazz barrage carries all before it"

“Some 2,500 attendees, younger and stronger, gave every sign of delight and partial deafness as they applauded each salvo, barrage and cannonade.

“The Kenton style may be described as a sort of informal Armageddon. In fact, this listener was saying to himself, ‘Armageddon outta here’ until the peculiar fascination of the pandemonium began to take hold.”

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