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Letter: Property tax cap is hurting our schools

Property tax cap is hurting our schools

Once more, agenda-driven forces are in action. I received a tax-relief check because the school property taxes in my district stayed under the state’s 2 percent property tax cap. I’m sure there are some people out there rejoicing with heightened glee that they got tax money back (mine was $38). I wonder what fund that came out of? And what were the mailing and printing costs?

Let me take another perspective. The election is next week. I can see the obvious vote-me-in, look-what-I-did mentality. Also, what does that tax cap do to our schools? Budgets are now focused on fitting the money where it can be squeezed within limited confines. Districts have abandoned concern for programs and student opportunity.

Public schools are slowly being dismantled. Optimal instructional practices are dropped by the wayside since certain educational designs are considered non-mandated because the state does not require them. Courses and personnel have been cut, not because they are not useful to students, but because boards of education and administrators want solely to keep the schools running, even if they are offering watered-down and skeletal curricula.

I understand that those with fewer resources and fixed incomes will welcome any relief. But I also understand that we are educating our youth with a fraction of the instructional offerings we used to provide that better prepared our students for college and careers.

Jack A. Agugliaro