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Letter: NYSUT mailer attacking Grisanti crossed the line

NYSUT mailer attacking Grisanti crossed the line

If you’ve ever wondered about the self-proclaimed altruism of big teachers’ union New York State United Teachers, the “domestic violence” ads against Sen. Mark Grisanti make a definitive statement. Remember, these people politick to elect the officials who set teachers’ salaries, while at the same time vehemently decrying any political action by big, bad corporations.

Obviously NYSUT has two sides, at least, to its mouth. Such nice people, who only want what’s best for you and your kids, Buffalo’s schools, New York State, unbounded abortion rights, tax-paid elective surgery for its members and all that kind of nice stuff. You’ve got to wonder why the many good, competent teachers still have anything to do with NYSUT. Join the outrage.

Joseph Deck