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Royals' Yost makes feelings clear: 'I've got a real strong sense in my heart that we're gonna be in Game Seven'

KANSAS CITY -- The Royals have scored one time in the last 21 innings, and no runs in all in the last 15 1/3 innings in this series. They have a rookie on the mound Tuesday night in Game Six in Yordano Ventura, and the specter of San Francisco ace Madison Bumgarner throwing in relief in Game Seven.

It doesn't look good for October's Cinderella. But don't tell that to Ned Yost.

Yost was wistful over the weekend in San Francisco about taking part in a World Series that goes to seven games. And he was steadfast early this evening in his belief that this one is going to do exactly that, after he was asked how planning for a potential winner-take-all affair could impact Game Six.

"It won't. Game 7 is not even in my mind right now," Yost said. "We're going to win Game Six and then worry about Game Seven. You can't think about Game Seven -- even though I've got a real strong sense in my heart that we're gonna be in Game Seven. But I can't worry about Game Seven. I've got to do everything I can to win Game Six.

"Even though our backs are against the wall, what's weird about it is it doesn't feel like our backs are against the wall. It's a good feeling."

Chimed in a Kansas City Star reporter : Why doesn't it feel like the Royals' backs are to the wall?

"Cuz I think we're gonna win," Yost said, defiantly. "That's the way I feel. I've got that much confidence in Ventura. ... His confidence is just staggering. You walk in that clubhouse and he looks you square in the eye with that glint that says, 'I'm ready for this.'"

Now, two other reasons for Yost's confidence are rooted in the fact his team is back in front of its home crowd and with its regular lineup. Yost said Nori Aoki will return to the No. 2 slot, Billy Butler will be back in his customary role as DH and third baseman Mike Moustakas may move up from N0. 9 higher into the order.

"If we're in this position, I would much rather be here than there, with our fans," Yost said. "Home-field advantage is huge. I appreciate the efforts of  (Boston manager) John Farrell and the American League All-Stars for providing that for us this year. It's going to be a lot 'funner' going tinto Game Six here than it would be in San Francisco, that's for sure."



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