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Oct. 27, 1994: Bills bye adds some zing to Jim Kelly's arm

While the Bills and their fans couldn’t have known that the string of consecutive Super Bowls would end with four, it was becoming clearer as the season progressed that that team had lost something from the most glorious of the glory years.

The coming Sunday’s game, however, was still a sellout to see Joe Montana and the Kansas City Chiefs.  Fans were perhaps hanging hopes on the fact that, after a bye week, quarterback Jim Kelly told reporters his arm “feels 10 times better.”

"Bye adds some zing to Kelly’s passing arm"

"Quarterback Jim Kelly was among numerous Bills who said Wednesday they felt physically refreshed thanks to a bye in the schedule last Sunday.

"Kelly said the rest was good for his passing arm.

" 'It feels 10 times better,' Kelly said. 'Marv (Levy) saw me throw Monday and he came over to me and said, "Remember when I told you that's why pitchers throw one out of every five games? Everyone needs some rest once in a while."

" 'He said, "The arm is feeling pretty good, isn't it?" I said, 'Yes, it is."

" 'I think we're going to start every three or four weeks having me take ... two or three days of practice off and let Frank (Reich) get some more reps,' Kelly said.

"Kelly stressed that his arm was not bothering him before the bye week.

"It just feels fresher now, he said.

" 'The arm feels great now. It has felt pretty good all season. I ice it down every day. I just hope I don't land on it again or it doesn't flare up again. So far, so good.' "

27 oct 1994 bye week good for Kellys arm

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