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Letter: Stop blaming victims of domestic violence

Stop blaming victims of domestic violence

Coming just two days after Gregory White’s Another Voice article in the Oct. 19 News, “Let’s all take a stand to end domestic violence,” we have the violent death from domestic violence of Natalie Thompson and that of her murderer, Matthew Mills, by suicide. “Couple’s stormy relationship ends violently in Allentown.”

As if to drive home White’s point that “events so often become opportunities for deliberate recurrent blaming of women victims,” we have Thompson being blamed by an officer for not leaving sooner. Others, however, are left off the hook. The offender is portrayed as a nice guy (“known as a friendly storyteller”) and law enforcement, while pointing the finger at the victim, remarks, “You can’t really control domestics.”

One can. And police should, along with getting educated about domestic violence (this is Domestic Violence Awareness Month), avoid such remarks and attitudes that perpetuate this dangerous culture for women.

Sr. Elizabeth A. Schumacher, J.D., M.S.W.