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Q: Have we seen the last of “The Newsroom,” or is there more coming? – Duncan Stockwell, Cyberspace

A: The third and final season of the Aaron Sorkin-created HBO drama series begins Nov. 9. It won’t be back for long, since there are only six new episodes. Within those, however, Sorkin promises a memorable wedding for anchorman Will and producer Mac (Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer).


Q: Did the guy who played Barbie on “Under the Dome” also play the male lead in a recent Hallmark production? – Joy Christie, Tonawanda

A: Yes, that “guy” – Mike Vogel – starred opposite Katharine McPhee in last April’s romantic-fantasy drama “In My Dreams,” which turned out to be the last “Hallmark Hall of Fame” production to be televised by ABC. The franchise is relocating fully to Hallmark Channel, which had been getting second runs on the movies a week after ABC first aired them.


Q: It seems like Dylan McDermott has had a new show just about every season since “The Practice” ended. How many have there been? – Russ Parker, Providence, R.I.

A: It’s true that the actor has been well-traveled in the television-series realm. He actually left ABC’s “The Practice” a season before it ended, appearing only as a guest that last year, when the show largely was being used to build the spinoff “Boston Legal.” He went on to an ABC buddy “dramedy” called “Big Shots,” then spent two seasons on the TNT police drama “Dark Blue.”

McDermott was pivotal to the first year of the FX anthology “American Horror Story” (later given the added title “Murder House”), then he returned for several episodes of its second season, subtitled “Asylum.”

After that came last season’s CBS drama “Hostages,” and now, he’s back on that network in the new Wednesday drama “Stalker.”


Q: What happened to Michelle Beadle from “Access Hollywood”? – Charlene Acheson, Cyberspace

A: She left that program – and NBC Sports Network – to rejoin the Disney/ABC-owned ESPN, where she has resumed her role as co-host of “SportsNation” on ESPN2. She also has started a podcast on the website

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